Serving Our Country: Becoming a Cop

We give credit to policemen because of their courage and service.

Police officers are well-known especially if they give good service to citizens and show heroic act to ensure order and safety. These are the perks associated with having a job as a police officer. You get friends and fans although you also get enemies at times but as long as you uphold law and order, you are honoured and respected. Becoming a police officer is not easy for all because there are qualities you need to have to pass the test. Knowledge alone is not enough to pass the examination. You need to be stable physically, mentally and emotionally to be qualified. Law enforcement officers have tough tasks and it is important they are equipped with all the skills and knowledge to prepare them for every situation and allow them to respond appropriately. They are required to have good judgement so they can implement law and order well.

You can be a high school graduate or a degree holder to be accepted in applying for the position. Some places may require applicants to apply for further studies like vocational courses or associate degree. Generally, someone with high school diploma is welcome to apply. But, before applying for police officer position one should take the civil service exam and pass it. This is a main requirement for people who want to serve the government. It is not a very difficult exam but it requires one to have general idea on law enforcement and his state or country. Remember you will be serving the country and people as a police officer therefore you should know what to do when in duty. This will help you respond appropriately in situations.

Just as is the case with maid service jobs or government positions, you also need to have a clean criminal background for you to be admitted to training. You are to protect the rights of people, ensure safety of the community and implement the laws and policies of your area of assignment. If you have preciously broken the law and have a criminal background how else would people emulate you and find you a good role model for them? If you do not have a good criminal background you may abuse your power and use it for your own gain. Police officer applicants are scrutinized well in terms of background and mental status so authorities can ensure they send the right people to area of responsibility and ensure safety of the citizens. Through series of tests you IQ can be measured and if you have good knowledge and with you might be assigned to a special area when you get through the other trainings waiting in schoo (although careful not to be too smart!)

Policemen also go to school but more of training school because it where they will learn the things they need to know when they become a law enforcer. They will have lessons and discussions on law and polices in state and country. Physical exams are also done to test the strength and endurance of the applicants. As long as you are fit and healthy you are sure to surpass the training and come on your way to becoming a police officer.

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